Map of the Black Sea


Biodiversity, Hydrology, Geography of the Black Sea           

Black Sea annual water balance
(average for 20th century,
data assembled by Sorokin, 2002)

Main data on the Black Sea
geography and hydrology

Black Sea biodiversity -
number of species

Freshwater supply by rivers

369 km3

Maximal depth

2212 m

Marine mammals


Atmospheric precipitation

224 km3

Longest distance from one to another shore

1200 km

Fish species


Seawater inflow from Marmara Sea by Lower Bosporus Current

176 km3

Coastline length

4340 km

Benthic invertebrates


Black Sea water outflow via Bosporus

340 km3

Volume of the Black Sea

550 000 km3




395 km3

Surface of the Black Sea

423 000 km2

Phytoplankton species




Surface of the drainage basin

2 300 000 km2

Zooplankton species





Picnocline depth





Surface layer salinity



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Salinity beneath the picnocline


Changes of the Black Sea Ecosystem

Temperature beneath the thermocline



Anoxic zone upper limit



Living Black Sea 2001-2005



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